Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

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2011 DEVELOPMENT OVER THE YEARS ….. 2010 2009 2008 2007 2005-6 Check out progress reported back from Malawi, showing development of projects, programmes and local impact over the years ..... a fascinating glimpse into the birth and growth of Aid Africa New Site - land bought, building begun, move happened! Disastrous harvest - hunger healthcare - new Play Centre at Sapale  Rebuilt house & chicken project for Falace - suffering from leprosy Food and Milk Programmes, agriculture,  improved training materials and facilities, more water challenges and solutions - FAQS - Site development (still awaiting BUV (basic utility vehicle) and pedigree saanens) Birth of the Play Centres - “Loan-A-Goat” - trialling Goat Clubs -  Agri-gardens -  Quail Dairy Unit built - 4 x 75% saanen goats arrive Dave & Lynda Mills profoundly impacted by the poverty and hunger of rural Malawi and Open Hand Projects is born - Community Agri-gardens begin to feed the poor   May 06 the first 6 hybrid goats arrive - Visitor’s View - Christian testimony ... Donate now 2012 2013


Hunger still a major challenge - How does Aid Africa help?

Food Programmes:   Maize Feeding Programme. goats milk for vulnerable babies, likuni phala for toddlers, monthly Elderlies Luncheons.  We’re promoting and enabling development of high value nutrition - moringa, soya, rabbits - and our livestock teams benefited from amazing veterinary training from CVM, US!

Borehole pumps repaired returning clean water to thousands and the pipeline extended into Bilisoni Village.


Extreme weather - cyclones and flooding devastate buildings, sanitation, crops - disaster mitigation. Hunger increasing - how Aid Africa helped…..

13 borehole pumps repaired - clean safe water back to 45,000 people. Houses, toilets, bridges, and a Community Centre built. Reforestation Programme begun.


Increasing hunger - increasing help.  Another Community Centre built in a remote area, Primary School water tank installed, borehole pumps repaired, more goat kids born and business loans issued.  Solar lighting introduced …..


A different kind of year - yet the “routine” projects continued to impact rural Malawi: our 2016/17 Food Programme fed about 1500 people through the 3-month hunger period, vulnerable babies received our goats’ milk and fortified porridge and dozens of teens were supported in secondary school. Frail elderly folk enjoyed lunches twice a month, and we continued to distribute tree seedlings for planting in the communities for fuel, nutrition & soil improvement, vegetables, and restored water by repairing a water pipeline deep underground.