Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

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2011 DEVELOPMENT OVER THE YEARS ….. 2010 2009 2008 2007 2005-6 Check out progress reported back from Malawi, showing development of projects, programmes and local impact over the years ..... a fascinating glimpse into the birth and growth of Aid Africa New Site - land bought, building begun, move happened! Disastrous harvest - hunger healthcare - new Play Centre at Sapale  Rebuilt house & chicken project for Falace - suffering from leprosy Food and Milk Programmes, agriculture,  improved training materials and facilities, more water challenges and solutions - FAQS - Site development (still awaiting BUV (basic utility vehicle) and pedigree saanens) Birth of the Play Centres - “Loan-A-Goat” - trialling Goat Clubs -  Agri-gardens -  Quail Dairy Unit built - 4 x 75% saanen goats arrive Dave & Lynda Mills profoundly impacted by the poverty and hunger of rural Malawi and Open Hand Projects is born - Community Agri-gardens begin to feed the poor   May 06 the first 6 hybrid goats arrive - Visitor’s View - Christian testimony ... Donate now 2012 2013


Hunger still a major challenge - How does Aid Africa help?

Food Programmes:   Maize Feeding Programme. goats milk for vulnerable babies, likuni phala for toddlers, monthly Elderlies Luncheons.  We’re promoting and enabling development of high value nutrition - moringa, soya, rabbits - and our livestock teams benefited from amazing veterinary training from CVM, US!

Borehole pumps repaired returning clean water to thousands and the pipeline extended into Bilisoni Village.


Extreme weather - cyclones and flooding devastate buildings, sanitation, crops - disaster mitigation. Hunger increasing - how Aid Africa helped…..

13 borehole pumps repaired - clean safe water back to 45,000 people. Houses, toilets, bridges, and a Community Centre built. Reforestation Programme begun.


Increasing hunger - increasing help.  Another Community Centre built in a remote area, Primary School water tank installed, borehole pumps repaired, more goat kids born and business loans issued.  Solar lighting introduced …..

A different kind of year - yet the “routine” projects continued to impact rural Malawi: our 2016/17 Food Programme fed about 1500 people through the 3-month hunger period, vulnerable babies received our goats’ milk and fortified porridge and dozens of teens were supported in secondary school. Frail elderly folk enjoyed lunches twice a month, and we continued to distribute tree seedlings for planting in the communities for fuel, nutrition & soil improvement, vegetables, and restored water by repairing a water pipeline deep underground.

We repaired 19 borehole pumps, restoring clean, safe water to about 20,000 people.  We built 3 Community Centres to house Nursery Schools and civic events, along with 3 bridges to replace dangerous crossings and 3 houses for vulnerable folk.  We provided maize, soya meals and soap to 200 vulnerable families to get them through to the next maize harvest, and enabled teens to take their exams by providing term fees. We issued business loans, funded emergency hospital treatment/transport, but new Gov. nutritional policies threatened our goats’ milk programme….




In March, Cyclone Idai devastated this part of Africa leaving over 1000 dead and thousands desperate for help. In our area we quickly provided emergency food, borehole repair for clean water and later replaced 60 toilets, earning a national sanitation award. Altogether we repaired 15 boreholes restoring safe local water to over 3000 households, (approx 13,000 people) plus 2 schools and a major Health Centre.  We also built water pipelines, constructed roofs, provided goats milk’ to vulnerable toddlers, funded education, and during 2019 we provided the basis for over 82,000 meals for the most vulnerable.