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Our “Basic Utility Vehicle” has proved a popular addition to our site, it’s appreciated by the staff and community alike.

Despite the chronic fuel shortage that stripped the country of both petrol & diesel, it’s delivered milk to outlying areas - and returned stacked with greenstuff for the goats!

Over the months it’s been used as an emergency ambulance, it’s carried cement, and river sand, bran, maize and composting materials. It’s become iconic!
The tanks at our Centre are working well, and we have had water on site most of the time unless the pipes have been broken. Improvements to the current system are due to begin in July, which should help in the dry season.
The Phala Water Scheme is still on the cards—it’s a new scheme, taking water from a new source (Phala River) and will provide safe water to thousands more people in neglected villages. We’re working alongside Action Aid on this one and will be seeking funding for this over the next few years.
It’s uneconomical to repair our ancient motorbike again so it needs urgent replacement.  It’s particularly valuable for monitoring projects, so its loss is a major blow to effective progress evaluation.
Our BUV - designed for rough terrain, economy, and simple maintenance.
On site news ....
This project is still at learning stage.  We had hoped to have reached a place by now where there were dozens, if not hundreds, of rabbits being distributed to the communities, but the breeding programme has not been as straightforward as expected. The rabbits are destined to become the basis of small businesses as well as supplying good protein, especially for the AIDS-affected, so we need to get it right.  To improve productivity we have increased food intake and production, decreased draughts by increasing wall height, and introduced a new waste system to maximise compostable materials.  

Still room for improvement, but we’re getting there!
Yankho - The AIDS support group, that meets in our Training Hall, celebrated its 2nd birthday while we were there.  We helped with resources so they could celebrate with a simple meal—they were thrilled to have meat.  More and more are becoming infected and weakening. We still fund transport to collect ARV’s (HIV/AIDS treatment) but a well balanced diet is also vital. Group members have joined our FGW training programme and were eagerly collecting composting materials as we left.   We will lend them a portion of our new land as their community garden for this season, and help them prepare it FGW style.  All produce will be shared between their frailest members.
Summer, 2012
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