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Serving the most vulnerable
    in rural Malawi
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Welcome to Aid Africa’s
                         work in Malawi .....
is involved at grass-roots level promoting care and respect for the vulnerable, particularly those in our primary target group:

orphans, the elderly,
disabled and AIDS-affected
• equip the frail with practical
  solutions towards an enhanced

• empower the impoverished able-
  bodied towards self-sustainability  

• encourage communities to work
  together to benefit their own
In the remote areas of Malawi, there’s acute poverty, widespread hunger and malnutrition.

The orphan situation is in crisis, mostly due to HIV/AIDS, healthcare is minimal, education limited, and adequate safe water a constant challenge.
Aid Africa - serving the most vulnerable
in rural Malawi
Our Projects
We have established an integrated group of projects, under the title ”Open Hand Projects”(OHP)

Each project is tailored to need, and designed to:-