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We’ve also bought land to build new Centres to better serve those in our communities. Unexpectedly, the landlord of our current rented premises has suddenly given us notice to leave, so we urgently need to build faster than the anticipated two-year move  - can you help with a specific donation for building, as an investment into the longer term?
More food grown and distributed to the poor - more bore-holes repaired - more milk produced - more nourishment for those at risk - more goat & chicken projects - more training  - and even more financial and practical  help to empower the needy to become self-sufficient!
 Part of our new land in Chiringa - with
the main goat-house under construction.
As we left  Malawi at the end of June, the main khola (goat-house)  was nearing completion, the foundations for the offices & storeroom were being laid, and resources were left for the next khola.
As we go back in September, we must build a security wall, accommodation, Dairy Unit, and bring in water and electricity - not an easy task in Malawi! All this before the end of October when we must vacate our current premises.
The Training Hall/Youth Centre will follow, then community housing and eventually
visitors’ accommodation.
This 32-year old widow, is a  mum to two children. This little one is HIV+ just like his mother, but her 9 year old daughter is clear of the disease.  Sadly, the likelihood is that she will be orphaned in the not too distant future.
“Thanks”  to all who
donated medical  equipment & supplies.
They were distributed to Health Centres and Hospitals and  joyfully received!
It’s estimated that 45% of our catchment area is HIV+, and new cases are being added daily - 232 in the past 6 months!
Last year, Jonas, an 11 year old orphan, was scratched by a thorn while out grazing goats. Ignored and untreated, this minor wound on his leg became infected.  His guardian couldn’t afford to send him for medical treatment so the ulceration worsened till he could hardly stand and was in constant pain.
It cost OHP less than £5, and a volunteer’s time to bike him to hospital each day to get him back to school with a smile!
                            This little guy is one of the acutely vulnerable children who
                            receive goats milk and fortified porridge in our Play Centres.
                             We also fund the family’s transport to hospital to collect their
ARV’s, medical treatment locally, emergency food, and seeds, so mum can grow
vegetables to improve their diet and hopefully sell to provide for her family.
Just £42 annually will pay for a child’s uniform, books,
school & exam fees.  These children would probably not be
at school without your help.       More children waiting ....
• Repairing bore-holes to restore clean drinking water to thousands
• Developing a dairy goat herd with the milk nourishing acutely vulnerable children
  in our Play Centres
• Sponsoring the education of vulnerable Secondary School children and youth
• Our “mercy” projects include housing for those at risk, emergency feeding,
  funding hospital transport and treatment, household livestock projects & clubs,
  other small business promotion, and distribution of  blankets, mosquito nets,
  and clothing when available.
Our target group:
Orphans, the elderly, disabled and AIDS-affected
Living with challenges .....
A big “thank you” to all our sponsors - 80 vulnerable teenagers have the opportunity of education thanks to you!  Most of you by now will have received a letter from your child expressing their own thanks personally.
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